OruxMaps has a lot of work behind. You can contribute to this project, if it is useful for you.

Manual de OruxMaps (Español)

OruxMaps Manual (English)

OruxMaps (Croatian translation of OM or Marc's tuto) By: Rusvaj

OruxMaps (Chinese) By: leleji

Hiking with OruxMaps (English) 2013-09-23By: Marc Torbey

OruxMaps (Português) By: LandLousã

OruxMaps (Руководство пользователя) By: Yuri

OruxMaps (Korean) By: Hyeon-Joo Park

Handleiding OruxMaps (Dutch) By: Frans Bönig

OruxMaps Handbuch (Deutsch) By: Stefan Hönes

OruxMaps (Français) By: Alain

OruxMaps (Slovakai) By: bmatias

OruxMaps (Italian version) By: Franco

A lot of information and tutos in Frech: topos-rando.fr

If you want to contribute with the translation to other language, contact with Orux

OruxMaps, other tutorials.

OruxMaps does not incorporate maps for offline browsing, you have to create/search for your own maps. Use these manuals for map creation.

OruxMapsDesktop manual. (updated 03-oct-2010)

Manual de OruxMapsDesktop (Spanish). News: support to .okm maps. (updated 21-jan-2012)

HOWTO create maps from scratch with MOBAC. (updated 07-feb-2010)

How to make maps for your trips, along a track; the efficient way, with MOBAC. (Thanks to Phillip Harris) (updated 19-jun-2011)

GERMAN HOWTO create maps for OruxMaps with mac (Thanks to brotbuexe!). (updated 23-APR-2010)

Jsigpac manual (spanish online maps source). (updated 02-jul-2009)

HOWTO .kap maps (nautical charts) (updated 07-feb-2010)

HOWTO FAA maps. (updated 07-feb-2010)

HOWTO BSB Raster maps. (updated 07-feb-2011)

Umwandlung von BSB Raster Charts. (updated 07-feb-2011)

Ako vytvoriť mapu do navigácie. (updated 02-aug-2011)

Tutorial about geocaching along a route. Thanks to Phillip Harris (updated 21-ene-2012)

Previous version Manual: OruxMaps 3.4.3

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